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We are expecting kittens this week!!  We expect blue bi colour, chocolate, black smoke and black bi colours.

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17th March 2019

Ellie, the girl who started it all

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Please see our Devon Rex Adoption page for more details.

My name is Helena Sugar.  I am an avid cat fancier, a reputable breeder of healthy Devon Rex Kittens and accredited CCCA/ACF Steward.  I am currently training for my Group 1 Judges Licence.

Edapusrex  Devon Rex cattery is committed to the health and well being of the Devon Rex Kitten.  We breed healthy Kittens from proven tried and tested bloodlines.  We have never introduced other breeds to our PURE Devon Rex lines to improve the 'look' or 'head type'.  Our Devon Rex Pedigrees can be traced back 60 years to the first ever mating of the Devon Rex.

We have imported bloodline cats from Britain, America, Sweden and the Ukraine, as well as Devon Rex Cats from Australia. We  blood group test all of our breeding cats before commencing them in our breeding programme to ensure the vitality and well being of our kittens.  

Our Devon Rex are Pure Bred without introduction of any other breed and as such carry the full curly coat and low set ears that is a requirement of the Devon Rex breed.

Edapusrex Red Mink Devon Rex Kitten

Our kittens are friendly and well adjusted and will come to your home readily wanting to play and snuggle with you. 

Devon Rex Show Cat Ancats Supreme Exhibit

Devon Rex Black Tortoiseshell and White
Australian Cat Federation Award of Excellence,
TFA Gold Premier Neuter, 
ACT Bronze Triple Grand Champion, 
ANCATS Silver Double Grand Champion 
ANCATS National Show Champion



Stella Devon Rex Breeder
          To showcase  our cats we regularly attend shows in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

We are located in Canberra, ACT.  We ship our Cats and Kittens interstate using  DOGTAINERS Transport. 
We have Devon Rex Kittens for sale throughout the year.  We send our Devon Rex Kittens to NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, Perth and locally to the ACT.

 Moose and his girlfriend Twiggy

Moose twiggy Coolcoons Maine Coons Fiona Cooper

 Australian Breeders of Devon Rex - the curly coated rex cat
Elli Devon Rex Breeders Devonpark Rexcats
A non refundable deposit of $200 is required to hold a kitten until they are ready to leave home.  The deposit covers the kitten's veterinary work, health check, microchipping and vaccinations and as such is non-refundable unless under special circumstance.  We do not refund for change of mind. Our kittens leave home at around 12 - 16 weeks of age.
We reserve the right to hold our kittens longer than 16 weeks should we feel that the kitten will benefit from more time with their mother. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to a person, without explanation; in a case where a deposit has been placed this will be refunded should our cattery decide not to go ahead with the adoption process. 
Devon Rex Breeders NSW, ACT, VIC
An Australian Breeder of Devon Rex
Registered Devon Rex Breeder
 Our kittens are available for sale throughout the year.  We transport to NSW, ACT, WA, SA, NT, TAS, QLD, Australia and to countries worldwide, UK, Japan.  We are Devon Rex Breeders registered with The Feline Association of NSW Inc and we show our cats and kittens regularly at The Royal Easter Show, The Actew AGL Royal Canberra Show and various shows around the country.  Devon Rex Kittens for sale, please see our contacts page for details.  Devon Rex NSW, Devon Rex for sale ACT, Devon Rex breeders Australia. Rexcatz Melbourne, Devon rex breeders Victoria, Devon Rex Breeders NSW, Devon Rex Breeder, Devon Rex Cats, Crinklewood Devon Rex Cattery, NSW CFA, a breeder of devon rex, breeder devon rex, breeder, aa breeder of devon rex kittens, a breeder of devon rex cats, actew agl royal canberra show, sydney royal easter show, a devon rex breeder, australian breeder of devon rex, a breeder of devon rex, devon rex breeders, devon rex breeders, the rex cat club of nsw, the rex cat club of nsw, Rex Cat Club,
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