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Devon Rex Cat

As a Devon Rex Breeder we try to breed true to type, a Devon Rex Breeder will strive for this quality. As a Devon Rex Breeder we have many times not bred quite what we want, but we love all of our Devon Rex the same.

On this page you will see the Devon Rex Show standard that all Devon Rex cats and kittens are required to conform to for show standard. 

The first Devon born

The Devon Rex Head

The Devon Rex Body Profile


The Devon Rex is a well muscled and alert, medium-sized cat. Apart from its soft, rippling, wavy coat, its most distinctive feature is its head, which has exaggeratedly full cheeks, large lustrous eyes and oversized, flared ears. Males are generally larger than females.

HEAD: Has a short, gently rounded wedge, with broad, very full cheeks, a short muzzle, whisker break and strong chin. In profile the tip of the nose and the chin are in a straight line, there is a very marked stop, flowing up over a curved forehead to a flat skull.

EARS: Oversized for the head. They are large, flared and set very low, very wide at the base, with rounded tops and tufts, well covered with fine fur. Earmuffs are highly desirable.

EYES: Large and oval or almost round in shape and slanted slightly down towards the nose. They are set wide apart in harmony with the broad cheekbones.

NOSE: Short and broad, with a very marked stop.

CHEEKS: Very broad, with prominent cheekbones, giving a full-faced expression.

JAWS: Strong and well defined, with a short, broad muzzle and whisker break.

CHIN: Very firm, in balance with the broad muzzle. In profile, of good depth and in a vertical line with the tip of the nose.

NECK: Slender and in proportion to the head and body.

BODY: Slender, hard and muscular, of medium length, with a broad chest. The back-line straight and rising slightly towards the hindquarters.

TAIL: Fine, long and tapering, in proportion to the body, with wavy hair.

LEGS: Long and slim, well-muscled and in proportion to the body. Hind legs slightly longer than the front.

PAWS: Small and oval. 

COAT TEXTURE AND LENGTH: Waved or rippled and is very short, fine and soft. A small number of guard hairs may be present. The whiskers and eyebrows are crinkled, rather coarse. All colours and patterns are accepted. There are no points for coat colour. 

CONDITION: Well muscled, lively and alert, with a soft coat in excellent condition.

EYE COLOUR: Clear and bright, any colour acceptable, but MUST be blue in pointed Rex. Odd-eyed Whites are permissible.

Edapusrex: Australian breeder of devon rex - the CURLY coated kitten with lots of energy!

 Our kittens are available for sale throughout the year. We transport to NSW, ACT, WA, SA, NT, TAS, QLD, Australia and to countries worldwide, UK, Japan. We are Devon Rex Breeders registered with The Feline Association of NSW Inc and we show our cats and kittens regularly at The Royal Easter Show, The Actew AGL Royal Canberra Show and various shows around the country. Devon Rex Kittens for sale, please see our contacts page for details. Devon Rex NSW, Devon Rex for sale ACT, Devon Rex breeders Australia. Rexcatz Melbourne, Devon rex breeders Victoria, Devon Rex Breeders NSW, Devon Rex Breeder, Devon Rex Cats, Crinklewood Devon Rex Cattery, NSW CFA,  

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