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Colours include a wide array of solid, smoke, tortie, tabby, bi-colour and pointed patterns in black, lilac, red, chocolate, white, blue and cream.

Devon Rex Kittens for sale.

Please read our Kitten Adoption page for further details on adoption, costs associated with adopting and other information.

All of the kittens pictured on this page have been

bred by us here at Edapusrex.

The Devon Rex Cat Coat

The Devon Rex Kitten coat can sometimes be short and fine, or it can be thick and curly. Whatever it may be as a kitten a Devon Rex Cat will have a full curly coat. This is how it should be, Devon Rex DO NOT come in two coat types; 'Suede ' is one term used to describe a short Devon Rex coat, there is no such thing. Devon Rex Kittens may lose their hair whilst maturing, some older Devon Rex Cats may lose their hair in patches in summer but a curly coat is what a Devon Rex Kitten or Cat should have. If you would like a cat with little or no fur please see our Peterbald Cat website.

Selected kittens are sold for pet or show homes only. They are fully vaccinated with the core F3 vaccine, that includes feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus and feline parvovirus, wormed, microchipped, desexed and health checked before collection and are ready to go to their new homes at 12 - 16 weeks. All kittens will be registered with Cats NSW Inc and come with pedigree papers.  

We are Devon Rex Breeders of Healthy Kittens full of Vitality. We stand by our breeding program and we breed Devon Rex Kittens for NSW, ACT and beyond. As Devon Rex Breeders we have a responsibility to maintain the Devon Rex Breed as close to type as we can. There is only one type of Devon Rex, one with full curly coat, big ears and a true pixie look. Be aware of breeders claiming they have bald Devon Rex, they should have coat and anything less is not a true type Devon Rex.

We expect that our kittens will leave home at around 12 - 16 weeks of age. We do however reserve the right to hold the kittens for longer should they be attending a show.

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 is required to hold a kitten until they are ready to leave home. The deposit covers the kitten's veterinary work, health check, microchipping and vaccinations and as such is non-refundable unless under special circumstance. We do not refund for change of mind.

Devon Rex Breeders

Devon Rex Breeders

Our kittens are available for sale throughout the year. We transport to NSW, ACT, WA, SA, NT, TAS, QLD, Australia and to countries worldwide, UK, Japan. We are Devon Rex Breeders registered with The Feline Association of NSW Inc and we show our cats and kittens regularly at The Royal Easter Show, The Actew AGL Royal Canberra Show and various shows around the country. Devon Rex Kittens for sale, please see our contacts page for details. Devon Rex NSW, Devon Rex for sale ACT, Devon Rex breeders Australia. Rexcatz Melbourne, Devon rex breeders Victoria, Devon Rex Breeders NSW, Devon Rex Breeder, Devon Rex Cats, Crinklewood, NSW CFA, a devon rex breeder, aa devon rex breeder, a devon rex breeders, Australia, a devon rex breeder in Australia, a devon rex breeder in nsw, a devon rex breeder worldiwde

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