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Devon Rex Kittens 

Devon Rex Kittens for Sale Australia Wide

We exhibit our Devon Rex kittens and Cats on a regular basis throughout the country. There are very few breeders nowadays who put their Devon Rex on 'Show' and unfortunately this is reflected in the 'type' of devon rex now offered on the pet market. 

Because we are regular attendees on the Cat Show Circuit we do everything we can for the positive promotion of the Devon Rex Cat breed, staying as true to type today as Devon Rex were 25 years ago.

We use pure lines that carry back to to the original foundation Devon Rex cats. We breed Kittens full of energy, love and personality. Our Kittens have curly coats, low set big ears and Pixie looks, a true requirement for the show bench. 

Correct Devon Head Type

Ears are set on the side of the head with cupping on the bottom to give a rounded appearance.  Ears Tips are very desirable.

Incorrect Devon Head Type

Ears are too highly set on the top of the head.

Kitten Adoption


We work under the Animal Welfare Code of Practice which strictly guides us in how we conduct ourselves when breeding. Your new kitten is still my responsibility for the first 72 hours for whatever reason and for the first week for health issues that may arise. Department of Primary Industry guidelines provide protection for kitten purchasers.  We offer under that code a 50% refund and return of the kitten to our home if the new owner finds that the kitten is unsuitable in some way to their family home.  I don’t stop being their breeder the second the kitten leaves my home; it is a lifelong commitment for you and I want to ensure that this happens through good health and practice on my part.

Our kittens are desexed at approximately 9/10/11 weeks (1kg in weight) and leave home at around 10 - 14 weeks. Boys may sometimes be able to leave earlier than girls as their recovery is pretty quick.

The cost of our kittens is $2000 (deposit $500 which is non refundable unless under very special circumstance - the deposit covers all of their veterinary work but not their food, litter, worming and registration costs and upbringing) regardless of colour or sex. We do not charge differently for female kittens or for kittens with blue eyes or the pointed pattern, or for lilac or cinnamon kittens which are not rare coloured, or for white kittens with odd eyes. 

It costs the same amount to raise each kitten and price charged is to cover veterinary care, feeding and upbringing from birth, it doesn't include the hours I spend in the middle of the night at the veterinary surgery performing C Sections that arise occasionally, it doesn't cover the hours I spend running a healthy, well nurtured and well-fed home.  

We cover costs but we do not breed for profit.

We breed all colours and colour combinations from Solid White with Odd Eyes, chocolate, red, blue, black and all smoke/silver colours, we breed spotted tabby, bi colour, tortoiseshell and solid colours. 

Our devon rex kittens are also vaccinated twice with core F4 killed virus, wormed monthly until leaving home, microchipped, pedigree registered with Cats NSW Inc and are litter trained and well socialised with other cats and Bulldogs and Neapolitan Mastiffs. The kittens are regularly health checked by our veterinarian. 

Our Veterinary Clinic is West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital where Dr Hamish Cameron and his team attend my cats and kittens on a regular basis.  


Our Devon Rex kittens are fed PREMIUM foods. We feed Feline Natural and Absolute Holistic foods, grain and filler free.  

We use and recommend for easy transition Rufus and Coco Wee Kitty litter. 

If you would like to know more please contact me for details.

We send our Devon Rex Kittens to NSW, SA, TAS, WA, VIC and locally to the ACT. We do also send our kittens to Queensland and the NT but there are several breeders located in Queensland that owners may like to contact first. We use Qantas or Virgin Freight to fly our kittens.

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